Small Dog Grooming

Animal Attraction Pet Grooming was founded in 2002.  

My goal is to provide your precious pet with the best professional grooming in a calm environment.  I am not your typical grooming shop, that can be noisy and stressful.  As an independent, I don’t work marathons or pass family pets along in an assembly line.

I am certified by the Texas Albreed Grooming School in Arlington, TX. Grooming Certification and State licensing is not required in Texas. However, that can be a very scary thought when you think that anyone can pick up scissors and call themselves a groomer. We’ve all heard horror stories about accidents happening to beloved pets in salons, this does not happen with me! I take sole responsibility, and treat each pet like it was mine. Your “Best Friend” leaves Happy, Clean and Beautiful!

Working by appointment means you will need to call in advance and schedule your day and time. Appointments are perfect because your pet does not have to spend hours away from their home in a crate once groomed. Your pet is given an appointment time slot for the estimate grooming time (usually around two hours) and only remains with me for the amount of time required to complete the groom. During this time, your pet is groomed and pampered by me, and allowed to watch the antics of the chickens, ducks and  geese.  In most cases, they love the adventure away from their home.

Animal Attraction Pet Grooming is recommended by the South Denton Animal Hospital and local veterinarians. Call today and schedule your appointment with Laurie Lindeman. If I’m busy with a client’s pet and can’t answer the phone, please leave me a message, I will return your call when I can.