Pekingese Puppies for Sale in Texas, White Pekingese Puppies for Sale in Texas

    Vanier Pekingese 


 Vanier Pekingese is a member of the AKC show club, Pekingese Club of Texas.  I hold the position on the Board of Directors and I'm in charge of Breeder Referral.  I will announce the birth of Pekingese puppies by other members of the AKC Pekingese Club of Texas.   Prices start at $2,000./$2,500. - $3,500, please fill out the application on my website and I will submit your interest for one of the pups to the appropriate club member.  Puppies are sold as companion dogs;  pet and show quality.  Pet puppies are available with limited registration (to be neutered/spayed, no breeding rights).   If you are interested in becoming a member and think you would enjoy showing a Pekingese, I will send you an application for the club and direct you to the appropriate kennel for buying a show quality dog.

At times, retired adults are available for adoption to appropriate homes.







Welcome to Vanier Pekingese.







DAM:  AKC VANIER'S A WOMAN'S INTUITION   MOTHER PICTURED ABOVE, A SHOW                                                                                       FEMALE  "NATALIE"

Many of the pups are sired by AKC Pequest Shimmering Ice of Vanier.  Pequest is the kennel that won the Westminster with Malachy in 2012.   Please fill out the application on this website for approval.  A $1,000. deposit is requested to hold the pup until time of pickup.  Pups are priced $2,500 - $4,000. for males depending on quality, females  $3,500 and up.  These pups are not available for shipping.  You are welcome to drive in to Argyle or fly in to DFW or Love Field and I will meet you at the airport or I can arrange a nanny service for transport.  Nanny service is $600. for direct flights, an extra $100. for connections in one direction, plus the cost of the airfare, pet fee in cabin and if an over night stay is required in a hotel.  Pups can leave after they have been vet checked.  Transport by air to New York, New Jersey, Boston, LA, Chicago, Seattle are many of the pups destination.

Most of my dogs are bred from  English/Finish/Scottish imports.

Pekingese breeding involves intensive reproductive vet assistance with progesterone testing, ex rays, ultrasound, artificial insemination, surgical impregnation and c-sections. 

Animal Attraction is a member of the ASPCA Guardian monthly program, dedicated to fighting animal abuse, resources to shelters and animal welfare organizationgs, lobby for stronger animal welfare laws and rescue animals across the country who urgently need our help.  I thank SPCA Canada, for their rescue of Taffy, my Pekingese, from a repeat animal abuse offender.

AKC Vanier Pekingese Pups

Vanier only breeds for quality and correct confirmation of the Pekingese.  

Vanier breeds for the rare white variety, good facial roll, confirmation and movement.  Occasionally, colored pups are born.  If you are looking for a pet quality Pekingese that does not have correct confirmation; bulgy eyes, 30 lb. dogs with an underbite, poor temperament and heart issues you came to the wrong  place.    

Pups are sold with AKC Limited Registration, meaning they are sold as companions pups and are priced as such on this website.

Breeding rights are available to approved show homes, those pups are not available to the public and are not pictured on this website.

AKC Vanier Pekingese thanks Tom Langham for the acquisition of  AKC Schezwan Music of the Night (Phantom) and AKC Schezwan All I Ask of you (Christine).  The brother and sister are cream with white markings.  Sire:  GCHB CH Peacock A Little Night Music and Dam:  GCH CH Jenkar's Mark of Glamour.  Every dog in the 8 generation pedigree has been Grand Championed or at least Championed.

Vanier welcomes an outstanding white show male, AKC Pequest Shimmering Ice to the Vanier Kennel.  Shimmering Ice will begin confirmation training in September and start his future on the show circuit.  Big thanks to David Fitzpatrick of Pequest, 2012 Westminster winner (Malachy) for entrusting his pup in my care.

Vanier is proud to announce AKC Champion, Vanier's Diamonds in the Snow bred and owned by Laurie Lindeman of Vanier Pekingese.  Pup trained and shown by Colleen Doolin-Skinner, Pekingese Club of Texas.  Diamond took Best of Breed in Oklahoma City and continued his showing in Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana.  Diamond took his first champion point at 6 months and 2 majors.  September 19 & 20, 2015, Diamond took National Junior Puppy award and International Junior Puppy award at the International Show in Fort Worth.  Go Diamond!!!!

Vanier also wants to celebrate the achievements of AKC Starfrost Snowshoe or better know to all as "Pickles".  Pickles took his first point in open and beat out Pequest Shimmering Ice in the show ring at Glen Rose, TX.  Considering Mr. Pickles is 8 years old, not too shabby.  Pickles is the sire of many of the Vanier females and a contributing factor to the show wins.

AKC Pequest Shimmering Ice of Vanier

Many of the Vanier Pekingese are sired by "Ice".

Stork Report October 20, 2020


International Winner & Champion sired by AKC Vanier's Diamond in the Snow 

Dam AKC Schezwan All I ask of You  "Christine"   GCHB CH Grand sire

                                                                                GCH CH   Grand dam

  Application found under the heading "Procedures" must be filled out to be on wait list!  


One of these bundles of joy is reserved for Katrina.

The second razz a mattaz boy is reservedn for Marilou.

The  third boy is reserved for ........ ?


Born 10/20, this boy is coming available.  Pictured at 3 weeks of age.  He was destined for Vancouver, however the Canadian/U.S. border is closed because of covid possibly until spring.  He's a top show pedigree for a spoiled pet home, AKC Limited Registration.  Contact for pricing.  Sired by International Winner and AKC Champion Vanier's Diamond in the Snow. Available before Christmas. Transportation available any place in the U.S.  

SOLD - Vanier Pekingese Puppy owned by Marry.

Meet AKC Vanier Pekingese  Luna.  Bright white little girl sired by Vanier's No Roses for Harry and Vanier's Marilyn.  Born June 4,2020.  She is now living a life of luxury with her new mother in Chicago.  Vet check at Durant Animal Hospital - Letter of Health.  Two year guarantee against congenital defects.  Available under AKC Limited Registration (no breeding rights).  Pick up in Argyle, TX.  I will also meet prospective parents at DFW or Love Field - Dallas.  Transporter available to drive within the state of Texas or carry pup as pet in cabin on aircraft for a fee.

SOLD Vanier White Pekingese

 "Casper" was born November  9, 2019.  His parents are Vanier's Chance Eau Tendre and Schezwan Music of the Night of Vanier (all GC show dogs and imports).  


A Vanier Sire: AKC Schzewan Music of the Night of Vanier "Phantom"

Not for Sale.  Better known as Phantom.  Phantom he  is gracing the show halls of the AKC Pekingese Club of Texas, Sanction B Match, Dallas Market Place Hall and Glen Rose, Nolan Miller.  As he works for his Champion status he has also sired the Parti color male pup that is now residing with Christy and the White male Pekingese pup that is now available.  Sweet expression and temperament, a chunk of a body.  Phantom is considered a cream with white markings, and can throw lots of different colors.  His sire is GCCH CH Peacock A Little Night Music and Dam GCH CH Jenkar's Mark of Glamour.  He is litter box trained and so are his pups.  He's mom's favorite spoiled boy, just ask him.

SOLD AKC Particolor Pekingese

SOLD FOR CHRISTY AND MARTIN.  Born September 28, 2019.  This little guy had a rough start.  Before his eye were even open another female that was pregnant at the time heard him cry and decided to steal him from his mother when she had vacated the nursery to go potty.  Trying to drag him off she had him by the ear flap.  My vet did what he could to reattach but there wasn't blood flow to make it viable and he lost his flap and the ear canal closed up on that side.  He doesn't know the difference and trots around like the rest.  Mature and responsible adults only. I  prefer within driving distance to Argyle.

AKC Vanier Female Pekingese SOLD

SOLD  Born 8/13/19.  Vanier pups are Ice White, a rarity in the color white.  This girl is available as a companion with AKC limited registration.   Pay Pal Credit available.

AKC Vanier White Pekingese SOLD

AKC Vanier Particolor Pekingese Male SOLD

SOLD    Born 8/13/2019.  Reserved for Liza and family.

AKC Vanier Pekingese Female SOLD


AKC Vanier's Tiny Isabella - SOLD   AKC  Limited Registration, no breeding rights.

Born 1/25/2019.  Solid White.  Weighed in at 5.6 lbs.  6/4/19.  Pay Pal Credit, 6 months 0% financing,

SOLD AKC Vanier White Pekingese Female

Another picture of AKC Vanier Isabella -  AKC  Limited Registration, no breeding rights.

SOLD  Weighed in at 5.6 lbs. on 6/4/19

Sire:  AKC  Pequest Shimmering Ice of Vanier

Dam:  AKC  Vanier's Sally

SOLD AKC Vanier White Pekingese Female

AKC  Vanier's Isabella -  AKC Limited Registration, no breeding rights.  Very small,

Just a little girl that needs to be the center of attention.  SOLD   picked up in Argyle or at DFW airport or Love Field.  Females are unheard of,.....  Just like humans, more males are born than girls.  As breeders, we need to keep protegy back in females and go out for our studs.  Pekingese have very few in a litter and nothing is easy.  Without human help, breeders and vets, these precious souls wouldn't be here. 

Owned: AKC Vanier "Harry" Wishes Everyone a Merry Christmas!

Vanier's show pup, AKC Vanier's No Roses for Harry, to debut at his first show in Denton, TX.  He is an AKC Pequest Shimmering Ice of Vanier son bred to an AKC Vanier bitch "Boo".

AKC Vanier's White Male SOLD

Born 9/16.  Valentine's Special:  Specially priced at $2,500.   Small and lots of fluff.   AKC  Limited Registration, available as a companion dog to be neutered.  Beautiful male with a wide head and full facial roll.  Confirmation correct.   If you ever wanted a SHOW QUALITY Pekingese, he is it.  You can see his easty/westy feet!!

Sire: AKC  Pequest Shimmering Ice of Vanier  - Kennel that won the Westminster with Malachy in 2012.

Dam:  AKC Vanier's Saint Agnes



Vanier Pekingese SOLD

If you are still looking for a one of a kind Pekingese pup, we're here.   These two boys are available now, born 9/16.  Cute stuff!!!  Sold under AKC Limited Registration as companion dogs to be neutered.

These dogs are bred from some of the best white show pedigrees in the world.  They have the correct confirmation that AKC requires to exhibit in their show halls.  If you can't tell the difference between your loved rescue Peke, Mom and Pop bred pet Pekingese and my AKC show Pekingese then you've come to the wrong place.  Do not compare my dogs and pricing to the later.  This is Neiman Marcus, you're going to pay for quality, temperament and health.

AKC Vanier's White Male SOLD

Birthdate  9/16/18.  AKC  Limited Registration, to be sold as a companion dog to be neutered.  Small Peke.  Confirmation correct.

Sire:  AKC Pequest  Shimmering Ice of Vanier - Kennel that won the Westminster with Malachy in 2012.

Dam:  AKC Vanier's Saint Agnes


AKC Vanier's Snowball SOLD

Birthdate:  November 17, 2019

Sire:  AKC CHAMPION Vanier's Diamonds in the Snow

Dam:  AKC  Vanier's A Woman's Intuition  (Natalie)  Shown in Denton, TX

SOLD to Katherine


 PICKED UP IN ARGYLE, TX (SOUTH OF DENTON).  IN HOME APPOINTMENT.  What's more adorable that a small lap dog; quiet, loves to be doted on and made pretty. Born December 14, 2019.  Cute stuff!  Ready to go.  Vet checked, vaccinated, wormed, free of internal and external parasites.  Transporter available to fly pup in cabin.  Pay Pal Credit accepted, all fee's paid by purchaser.

AKC Vanier Icy White SOLD

Born 3/20.  Sired by AKC Pequest Shimmering Ice of Vanier and  AKC Vanier's Allure Mademoiselle.  Limited registration.

AKC Vanier Icy White SOLD.

Born 3/20/2018   Priced with limited registration.  Reservation available.

SOLD Princess's Grand Champion Sire

Breathtaking.  Thank you, Carmen for producing such a beautiful girl!

SOLD Princess's Champion Mother

AKC Champion Vanier Diamond in the Snow - owner handled

I am very proud of Vanier's, Diamond in the Snow and for him to earn his AKC Championship as a white Peke. He is of Vanier breeding and holds International recognition.  All of my white dogs and puppies are line bred for quality and for health, occasionally I bring in an outcross. They are either sired by AKC Vanier Champions, AKC pointed studs or AKC pedigrees from some of the best kennels in the world, such as AKC Pequest Shimmering Ice of Vanier (kennel that won the Westminster in 2012 with Malachy).  My females all descend out of Sushima, English Imports.  Vanier Pekingese are not sold at the prices of puppy mill dogs or pups that supposedly come down out of Championship lines, which is a lot of marketing hogwash. It does not matter if Vanier pups go altered into pet homes and you're not planning on showing, quality Pekes are expensive.  Pups that are sold as pets are dogs that either don't make the grade in the show hall or I don't need them for my breeding program.  To be mothers, they are progesterone tested,  artifically inseminated; vet expenses are high in Pekes with routine care and c-sections being a norm.  Mortality rate is high.  If I have to incur $5,000 in vet bills on a breeding that has 2 pups, I am not going to sell a pup for $1,000.  I'm sorry that I have to bring this up, but I am contacted all the time for pups.  Showing and breeding my Pekes are an incredibly expensive hobby.  If these pups are not in your price range or you're on social security that's understood, then please contact Pekingese Rescue or think about adopting an older dog.   All Pekes need loving homes.

Owned: AKC Vanier's A Woman's Intuition

Vanier is proud to announce the birth of a new Pekingese show girl "Natalie".  Not for Sale.  Sire:  AKC Pequest Shimmering Ice of Vanier  Dam:  Vanier's Allure Mademosille.  Birthdate:  Nov. 5th.  SHe is now retired from the show circuit and is at the Vanier Kennel to start her own family.

SOLD AKC Champion Passion Malachy's Miranda Contact for Pricing

SOLD:  Vanier Pekingese offers a courtesy to other members of the Pekingese Club of Texas, to advertise their dogs.

Passion Malachy's Miranda is a red Pekingese with a black mask, born January 7, 2016.  She is an American Kennel Club Champion of royal bloodlines.  Her father, Palacegarten Malachy, is a Silver Grand Champion who won the Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show in 2012.  Her mother, Yakee My Favourite Ante, is a Grand Champion who won Select Bitch at the 2016 Pekingese Club of America Specialty in Reno, Nevada.  Her great great Grandfather, Yakee A Dangerous Liason, won Best in Show at Crufts in London in 2003,  Miranda, a playful girl with a very sweet disposition, is not breeding stock, so she needs a loving home.  She has a short red coat and a long golden tail, skirts and feathers.  Contact for pricing and more pictures.  Fill out the application and I will forward it to Colleen.  Thanks.

Owned: Vanier No Roses for Harry

SOLD - Vanier Pekingese Puppy owned by Marry.