Persian Kittens for sale

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I wish I didn't have to bring this up ....  If you are looking for a cheap cat, no money paid out for maintenace and low end cat food, you have come to the wrong place.  Please check Animal Control Adoption for kitties that need lovin.

Everyone loves to see pictures.  However, those pictures that I e-mail on request without security measures in place could be scammers.  Once they leave my website, these scammers can use my pictures, form frauduilent websites and resell animals that aren't in their possession anywhere in the world.  You will be asked to fill out the application on this website to be qualified.  If you feel that for me to find out who you are is inappropriate, you don't have a name or contact information ,then you don't need one of my kitties.   Pin Interest has plenty of pictures and you can surf through.

Pay Pal offers financing to Animal Attraction Pet Grooming.  Contact and apply for financing for your Vanier Persian Kitty.  6 month financing at 0% interest if paid in full at the end of the 6 months.  I doesn't get better than this!!!!   It is a time that scammers are everywhere and they have become very creative in their means to acquire your money and your joy.  Buy smart.  Vanier Persians has been a CFA registered cattery since 1992, Animal Attraction Pet Grooming is an established business in Argyle.  I have been in the community and on the internet for many years, I am here to stay.  I am honest and a phone call away if you need help.  This website was made by a reputable website company in Dallas that designs for large corporations.  They also host my website.  I invested in them because it is important that myself and my customers aren't hacked.  The Pay Pal site on this website is secure.  In this way, I put forth the extra effort and resources to protect you and I.  I look forward to providing you with a healthy and happy kitty.

Vanier Persians and Pekingese now has a Nanny that will hand deliver your new friend to either the destination airport or transported privately to your home.




Persian kittens were welcomed into this world in March.  Kitties stay with their mother a minimum of 8 weeks and up depending on maturity.  They will be available in solid color White, Shaded Silver, maybe Chinchilla SIlver and Golden Tabby, Teacups, Doll Faced and Flat Faced.  Prices start at $1,200. and up.   I do not send pictures to individuals until pictures are reposted.

Pay Pal Credit, 6 months 0% interest.



AVAILABLE Vanier's Odd Eyed White Female $1,500 .

How am I so lucky to have the rarest of the rare.  A brilliant white, odd - eyed female.  She could be an art piece.  Born 9/12/19. 

AVAILABLE Vanier's Something Special Odd Eyed Teacup White Male $2,500.

What's more special than a Teacup - Odd Eyed White (one blue eye and one copper eye)  Very striking and very rare.  This is a needy boy, because it's all about "Me".  Birthdate 9/12/ 2019.  Adults only.

AVAILABLE Vanier Golden Male with Emerald Eyes $1,800.

Taking reservations for end of March placement.  This boy is a true Golden.  He will have vivid emerald green eyes and so sweet.

SOLD Vanier Odd Eyed White Female

SOLD    Born 9/12/2019.  Small kitten.

SOLD Ellie Mae Female

Born 3/20/2019.  Vet checked, vaccinated,  2 year guarantee.   Pay Pal Credit, 6 months 0% interest.  This kitty is available for pickup in Argyle only,  A very sweet, lovable girl.

SOLD White Odd Eyed White Persian Female

White kitties that have one blue eye and one green eye are very rare.  This little lady is adorable.  Birthdate 03/20/2019.  Vet checked, vaccinated, ready to leave.  She's even sporting a lion cut.     Pick up in Argyle.

Vanier's Copper Eyed Male $1,500.

Reserved  Birth date:  8/15/2019.  Ready to go in December.

SOLD Vanier Teacup Blue and White Persian Female $1,500.

  $250.00 Off Original Price  - After Christmas Special.  Born 9/12/2019.  Cute little bicolor female ready to leave in December.  Only available to adults, no children.

SOLD Vanier Golden Female

 Golden Wonder:  Born September 10, 2019.  Ready to go to her forever home in December.

SOLD Vanier's Golden Persian Male.

SOLD  Ready to go in December.  A small and happy guy that loves his people.  He'll follow you around, sleep in your bed and make cookies with his paws all day.

SOLD Vanier Teacup Female Persian

Born 9/12/2019.  Miss Priss, small and petite.  Ready to leave in December.

SOLD Vanier Teacup Silver Female

SOLD  Silver Belle:  Born September 12, 2019.  Lots of coat and sweetness in this baby.  Ready to leave for her new home in December.  

Vanier Solid White Males and Females

More white kitties are on the way, now we're getting typier with the flat face as we head into June. There is a possibility that these kittens could be copper eyed, the recessive odd eyed or blue eyed.  Pricing varies on eye color.  Prices start at $1,500. for copper eyes.  If any of these kittens are blue eyed $2,500.

SOLD Vanier Teacup Golden Tabby Male

Birthdate:  6/25/2019    Small and precious.

Vanier's Odd Eyed White SOLD.

Odd eyes are rare in solid color whites, especially the vivid blue color.  This boy will be a show stopper.  He is nursing and should be ready to leave the end of January.  Reservations being accepted.

Vanier's Silver Tabby Male SOLD

This boy will be dynamite as he gets older.  His nose is wide and positioned right between his eyes.  He is exclusively on his mother.  Should be ready to leave the end of January or first week of Feb.  Born 12/3/18.

Vanier Silver Tabby SOLD

Drop dead gorgeous boy.  Nose right between the eyes!  If you like the show look, you've got it.  Available the end of January.  Born 12/3/18

Vanier Golden Tabby SOLD

What a beautiful boy!  As he matures his nose will be right up between those gorgeous copper eyes.  I expect he'll be incredibly sweet and calm.  He is available as a pet, no breeding rights.  I am accepting reservations. He's having a hard time moving off of mother to food, expect mid - January to go date.

Vanier Golden Tabby Male SOLD

Born April 5, 2017  How cute is that?

Vanier Golden Persian Female SOLD

Female Golden kitten.  Vivid green eyes, black tipping, and eye liner.  Lots of color and charisma in these beauties.  This kitten has a loving personality and wants to be with her people.  Kittens are hand fed with formula through out the day and will be very dependent on you for affection in their new home.  PAY PAL available through Procedures on website; credit, debit or financing available through Pay Pal.