Persian Cats Available for Adoption

I can’t keep all these wonderful pets, but I would love too.  The next best thing is finding a new owner like you, that has a bed to sleep on and a soft voice. These pets are looking for their “Forever Home.”

All adoptions must go to homes that are responsible.  I prefer that the owners ages are over 21 and own a home.  Please fill out the application form on this website and  I will call you.  Thank you.

ADOPTED CFA Vanier Persians Liza

Liza is an extreme white Persian female with blue eyes.  She is 4 years old and has never been used for breeding.  Liza is looking for an adult only home without chaos.  She is very gentle.  Liza is deaf, though nothing scares her, she doesn't need kids chasing her around the house.  Vaccinations up to date.